Find out about sports massage and soft tissue therapy - what is it? Can it help me?

Sports and remedial massage is a type of therapy based on classical Swedish massage, with the addition of more advanced soft tissue techniques. It is often now known as Soft Tissue Therapy and the aim is to identify and then reduce stress and tension within the soft tissues of the body, through manipulation, stretching and strengthening.

WHY and WHEN to have a sports and remedial massage?

  • While you are recovering from an injury - having regular massage treatments during your rehabilitation, can help speed up your recovery, help you re-gain your full range of motion and flexibility, plus, reduce the likelihood of re-injury
  • To prevent injury - a regular MOT for the body - stress and tension often build up within the body. Regular treatments can help to identify and then alleviate muscular tightness or imbalance before it causes you discomfort or injury
    • For the athlete, this maintenance massage can reduce muscular soreness and tightness post exercise, enabling you to train more regularly, more effectively and to a higher intensity
  • Event focused massage - Pre and Post event massage are both very specific to the individual and their particular sport. Pre-event can help reduce built up tension, physical and mental and help get the athlete ready for their competition. Post-event, is focused on aiding the athlete's recovery, identifying any areas of soreness or injury and speeding up return to training or competition

Types of conditions that I often treat:

I am a professionally trained and fully insured Soft Tissue Therapist. Below are some of the musculoskeletal conditions and injuries that I regularly treat. I also work alongside other health care and fitness professionals and on occasions it may be necessary to refer you to another professional, such as your GP, physiotherapist / chiropractor or personal trainer.

  • Muscle soreness and tightness
  • Postural imbalances
  • Reduced mobility or flexibility
  • Chronic and acute soft tissue injuries including:
    • Chronic low back pain
    • Frozen shoulder
    • Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and other overuse injuries e.g. tennis elbow
    • Strained or torn muscles or tendons
    • Sprained or torn ligaments
  • General aches and pains!

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